My profile in TAIKO

So i’m very fortunate to be one of the artists selling their art at TAIKO now. TAIKO is an online store for Finnish art and it’s both an online gallery and a marketplace. I’ve spent some few hours there browsing other artists and their work.. there must be thousands of paintings and prints there. The page has different search options so you can look for certain price group or technique and so on.

TAIKO offers an easy way to buy art, the shipping is included in the price for most of the european countries and they will deliver it on to your doorstep.

On my profile i have some of my etchings and i have written a short behind the picture -story with every print. Here is an example of one of the introductions that i wrote for one of my personal favourites.

And go check TAIKO. It’s both in finnish & english.

Secret pathways – Wondrous deeds
Etching / aquatint / drypoint

‘The figure is partly from this world, partly from another.

She’s diving into the sea of consciousness, among the great guardians of the horizon.

She finds these hidden gifts, answers, that are safely stored in shells that open only for the pure hearted seekers.

Pearls symbolize wisdom acquired through experience. They are a symbol of purity, and they can balance ones karma. In ancient Greek they were considered to be the tears of the Gods.

Ocean is the origin of all life.

The surface of the ocean symbolizes the line between the conscious and subconscious. The depths and the secrets symbolize the depths and possibilities of our own awareness.

Because of their size and mysterious nature, and because they are mammals as well, i find whales fascinating. Even though they live under the surface, in totally different reality, they breath the same air we do. Whales are associated with creativity, communication, compassion and solitude. They are the messengers of change and growth.’

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