My Moon Phase Calendar

So i thought i would make me a calendar, of the moon phases. And it turned out to be like this. I didn’t put too much thought into planning, i just took this face out of my sketchbook and thought i’d draw something around it. And so i decided to put all the zodiac star constellations and their symbols in it. I wanted to put mine and my kids signs on top of the design, so they wouldn’t get hidden under the text. Other than that i only planned it to be standard A4 size, and so i did the graphite drawing twice that size.. boy it was a lot of work, so that’s the price i had to pay for not planning.. The good thing is of course that the drawing could be much more detailed that way.

After drawing the bit, i scanned it, in three parts, then put those together in Photoshop (File-> Automate-> Photomerge) and started the sweet oh so sweet coloring. And after that added the texts, and every goddamn moon separately, had a whole lot a layers after everything was in place.

I wasn’t sure if i was gonna get it printed.. but then had a sale, and i thought that’s a sign (of course) and that i should just place an order and i did. So i’m really excited and hope they will turn out well.

While making this calendar, i had mixed feelings, since i had this thought if making a fun picture like this would somehow undermine my serious artist- image :D. But then i just thought fuck it, this is fun.

I must admit i really like to play with the computer. I just hope i learn all the gimmicks i need to keep making these funky things. This project was quite problem-free and the only time i had one, was with downloading the backside of the print, because Moo’s program refused to download it. All i had to do was ask from the support chat, and it was just a tiny thing i had to change with the file, and that was it. I swear anyone can make anything in this day and age because everything is made so easy to use, and if something goes wrong, the support chat is there to help with anything. Now that i think about it, support chats are the one thing is this modern age that actually work. I have had very nice chats with support here in wordpress too 😀 when i was putting this website together.

And the other thing is tutorials. You can learn anything by yourself. For this sketch for example i had to move the right eye a bit. And so i had seen somebody do that sort of thing (moving a part of a drawing with this cool tool) in a Photoshop tutorial before and so i could just put that piece of information in use with this drawing.

I made this quick example of how cool the ‘liquify’ tool is in Photoshop. And this made me regret i didn’t use it a whole lot more.. well there’s always next time. (left one is the original)

By making this calendar, i thought it would be cool to keep track of the moon phases and if they in fact have any effect on me .. And of course i love full moons and it’s nice to know when one can expect to see one. And moon is just a powerful oceans shifting thing that blows my mind. Magical. And pretty. And the only thing we can see in space properly. So lately i have been very much into it. There’s plenty of cool moon phase calendars out there, and the idea came to me when i saw them in Instagram and Pinterest and just felt it would be a fun thing to do. It was.

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