Hailuoto library exhibition in august 2019

So what’s been happening lately.

In the beginning of august me and my friend Kati Juvani set up an exhibition in Hailuoto library and it’s open until the end of august. If you decide to visit check the library open hours since it’s not open every day.

Hailuoto is an island next to Oulu and it still has the charm of the old days when you didn’t need to lock your bike when you went to the grocery store. And that’s because it’s quite small and you have to go there by a ferry. Anyway the local library seems to be quite vibrant and the island seems to have quite active culture life in general.

I’m happily talking about my painting here at the opening and behind me you can see my etchings.

So this actually is somewhat the best picture you can take of me in action. Just the way it is.

Kati and i used to share a studio back in the days and i just love the figures she creates. For some reason this tiny figure was my favourite and i just laughed so hard when i saw it. It didn’t almost make it to the wall but i insisted we must have it too. The selling price of this item is quite high, 4 200€, but if it doesn’t sell i hope Kati will give me discount so i can purchase it to my private collection.

Hailuoto has nice sandy beaches too and and a lighthouse. Mostly it’s just woods, fields, old wooden houses and small roads. Lovely. In june i took part in this one afternoon art-camp where we were supposed to do a small color- complementary- color- study of some objects that were layed on the tables outside in the sandy beach. With watercolor. And yes, there were the moments of watercolor-agony and despair. After all word painting has the word pain in it. I did my best to paint what i saw. But in the end my coffeecup was too dark and i had to use white which i thought must be the biggest crime in watercolor. But you know. It is what it is and in the end i was surprised how nice my cup looked. I think it’s a universal law of the process of making art: you must hit the desperation point where you just think it’s shit and it’s going to the dumpster and go beyond that point without any hope and for some goddamn reason something odd happens and the result is better than you expected.

It was a warm day and a nice group of people. Our teacher that day – Marjatta Hanhijoki – has a studio right there at the beach in all the tranquility of the nature and the ocean. Sounds too good to be true and it sure felt that way.

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