I finally got to make a zine with my artwork on it..

To the cover i chose my ‘Moonflower II’ drawing.

And did some top notch lettering with my new friend wacom drawing tablet.

In my original plans, a zine was going to be my ‘sixth piece’ in this ‘6 X’ exhibition we are having at the moment in Valvegalleria. In addition to my 2 paintings and 3 drawings.

Originally i wanted to print it online and design it carefully with time and make it all nice, but as it turned out, i spent all my time painting my last painting and had no time to execute this glorious plan. When we were setting up the exhibition, i found out that one in our group had in fact made a zine, and i felt a bit sorry for not making one..

And so the opening day.. i spend the whole day putting together this zine from scratch. Quick few hours in Photoshop and then i had to rely on a library copy machine to do the printing. At home i cut and folded the pages and later that day when i went to the opening, i borrowed a stapler at the gallery and put the pages together. And so i managed to do everything just in time and was able to hand these out at the opening. Very happy & sweaty hamster.

The result is cute alright i guess, considering everything. Very hand made. (i guess that’s the essence of making a zine.. ) The cover looks very cool!

Afterwards i had more time so i used a bookbinding thread (that i had left from my bookbinding days almost 20 years ago) and stitched together the ones i hadn’t stapled, and they do look much nicer and neater than the stapled ones. But of course it’s a lot of work if you make many copies.

I think a zine is an excellent way to make a portfolio or a exhibition catalog. For myself it’s a cool memory for what i have done and for others it was something to take with you from the exhibition. It can be just for fun like this one, but to put some effort on it i think a zine can be an artwork on it’s own. I really hope i get to do one with more time and a bit more planning.

Best thing about zine is that there are no rules and only you decide how it’s going to be. So it’s like art. And also, if you are a book nerd like me i’m sure it’s just a very delicious feeling to have something by you, printed in your hands…

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