6 X – Group Exhibition

Welcome!!! to our group exhibition 6X in my hometown Oulu, at Valvegalleria 13.6 – 6.7.2019.

We are 6 new members of the Oulu Artist Association. Other 6X artists are Johanna Laaja, Kalle Nurminen, Riitta Moilanen, Janne Erkkilä, Sirpa Heikkinen.

My tempera/mixedmedia paintings ‘Shakti’ and ‘Atman’

The opening was already on friday, but i haven’t had time to post anything before now, since i was ‘a bit’ busy… The larger painting ‘Shakti’ was still unfinished when we were setting up the exhibition… day before the exhibition would open. So i took it with me back home and continued painting all through that night and also the early hours of the next morning, and thank G it turned out to look alright. F those last days were tiring..

I thought i might still work on it after the exhibition, but to tell the truth i was so sick of it that i might not. Plus it suddenly looks alright as it is. The critical eye is sometimes hard to shut but in this case, i think the exhausting painting process helps a little.

This is a painting that i started back in 2016 and it was hanging on the wall unfinished for a long time bugging me, and so i’m beyond happy to see it finished. Last couple of months i have been working on it every bit of time i had.

In this exhibition i also have three of my latest graphitedrawings.

Zine -Lover

In the opening day i decided to make a Zine! I was soo tired already from the painting process and losing sleep etc, but zine is something i have wanted to do for so long, so i was really excited about it and that gave me some weird energy. And so i actually managed to do it and was able to hand it to people at the opening. Happy little weirdo!

I will post about making the zine later.

My beautiful coverdesign. Some top notch lettering skills.

Tiny Zine

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